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Anti-Drug Coalitions Are Developing Everywhere.

A nationwide drug prevention movement, organized locally by "anti-drug coalitions," is gaining momentum and making a sizeable impact. An anti-drug coalition is an organization that brings the strength and resources of individuals and groups together for a community-wide approach to prevent and reduce substance abuse. To put it simply, it means that parents, business-people, media, law enforcement, schools, social, religious, civic and health organizations are coordinating their efforts to keep the people in your neighborhood off drugs—especially kids.

Community Support Makes a Difference.

Across the country, thousands of community organizations are rallying against drugs. Offering education about substance abuse prevention, and providing positive role models and activities for youth. Generating awareness, changing attitudes, cleaning up neighborhoods and closing down crack houses are important in the long run. Keeping community pools and parks open later ensures that kids have healthy, safe places to socialize. Successes include the following:
  • decreasing the percentage of youth who use marijuana
  • reducing the number of students who binge drink
  • decreasing the number of drug-related suspensions
  • decreasing drug-related crime
  • decreasing the number of babies born drug-affected

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