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A Message from the Director
Barry R. McCaffrey, Director - ONDCP

For America to succeed in reducing substance abuse, prevention efforts must extend beyond the government. Teachers, coaches, medical professionals, clergy and responsible adults from all walks of life are needed to help guide children towards healthy lifestyles. Youth drug use is entirely preventable, especially if kids are involved in adult-supervised extracurricular activities. If we can keep young people off drugs, they will be less likely to use illegal substances as adults.

To help achieve this goal, the Office of National Drug Control Policy—along with our partner organizations—encourages you to become an active part of a youngster's life through community anti-drug coalitions or many other fine volunteer opportunities. Young people need fun, challenging ways to spend their time with peers and adults who care about them. Adults can act as role models and steer young people into positive, structured activities. You are critical to the development of our nation's youth—through your direct actions as well as advice, instruction, and encouragement.

Join with your neighbors and help make a difference in a young person's life and in the health of your community. Please use this web site to become informed. Remember, you can keep at least one child off drugs.

Director's Signature, Barry R. McCaffrey
Barry R. McCaffrey, Former Director
Office of National Drug Control Policy

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