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Drug Prevention

There are a lot of ways you can play a significant part in your community's drug prevention programs. Many local heros are probably working already to make a difference in your neighborhood.What is Drug Prevention?

Effective drug prevention revolves around education and positive alternatives. First and foremost, the idea is to keep people away from drugs by providing the information and support they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. It's also important to give people—especially youth—somewhere to go and something better to do than drugs. Anyone, any age can get involved—male or female, homemaker or corporate VP. No special skills are needed. And whatever you can do will help.

Youth–Focused Prevention.The simple truth is, kids with something to do are less likely to do drugs.

Today's young people want and need fun, challenging ways to spend their free time. And they need positive, successful role models who care, who listen, who can help them recognize and build their own strengths. In fact, when kids enjoy a regular, positive activity with an adult over the course of a year they are 46% less likely to begin using drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol and 52% less likely to skip school. They're more likely to improve academic performance, develop better problem-solving and decision-making skills, self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

Any fun and positive activity can help. Something challenging and enjoyable. Something with meaning. Something that offers kids an opportunity to work together to improve their own community. Something that can promote cultural or community awareness. Something that builds self-esteem. There are many drug prevention organizations in your community that sponsor these types of activities.

Parents: click here for more drug prevention information

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